Online gaming in Spain update: new call for online gaming licenses proposal


The Spanish Gaming Authority has published the Resolution that proposes the third call for online gaming license application process.

What this means                                                                                             

Operating and organizing gaming activities in Spain requires operators to obtain a “general” licenses under Law 13/2011. The Spanish Gaming Authority grants the relevant licenses following a public call for applications. Two have been called to date, and now a third one has been proposed after the required 18 months have passed after the previous process was called.

The proposed Resolution holds three important Annexes: (I) Conditions and Basis of the process (technical, legal and financial); (II) Requisites that the Operation Plan must abide by and; (III) Description of the Technical Requisites.


As mentioned, this is a proposal from the Gaming Authority to the head of the Ministry of Finance who has now three months to reach a decision accepting (with or without amendments) or provide justified refusal to the call. If not intervening at all the Gaming Authority would call the process within the three months after those first three.

As opposed to the previous market openings, the proposed Conditions and Basis of the call establish a period of one year to apply for the license/s starting the official calling of the same. This would give enough breathing space for operators to do their homework and submit all the relevant documentation as well as time for the Spanish Gaming Authority to introduce new game types, if any and if not done before the call.

It must be borne in mind that (i)  there are some new requirements that differ from the previous years’ Conditions and Basis and, (ii) the proposed Conditions and Basis can be amended.


Here is the link to the text (only available in Spanish, for now at least):  Resolution


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September 21, 2017